Measuring Your Box

Measuring your box

For a box of a given volume, the length, width, and height all have to be the same. If that’s the case, then you are free to choose any of the three to fix as convenient for your manufacturing process. The most practical way is to choose the length or width to be a multiple of the other two and then make the third dimension a bit shorter or longer. When you do it this way, your box will come out more easily. To get the exact size of the box, you have to measure all three dimensions of the box. 

First, measure the length of the box. To measure the length of the box, use the tape measure to check and record the size of the box in inches. Next, measure the width of the box. The width is measured using the tape measure in inches. Finally, measure the height of the product that you are packaging and package it. The first measurement that you will be making will be for the length of the box, so start measuring from one end of your box to another end. The next measurement is for width, which again is taken by measuring one side to another side. The final measurement that you will be making will be for the height of your product when it is being package for shipping shipment and that is taken by measuring from top to bottom and then again from bottom to top.

Measuring A Rectangular Object

For a rectangular object, we take soap as an example it should be measure in three dimensions length (depth), width, and height. Left to right from front will be the width of the box, from top to bottom will be the height of the box, from front to back will be the length (depth) of the box.

Measuring A Cylindrical Object

It’s very easy to measure the cylindrical object. Let’s take a tincture bottle example for this measurement. It should be measure in two dimensions, one is the diameter of the bottle and the other one is the height of the bottle.