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Kraft Boxes

Kraft boxes are ideal for all types of food, beverage, and food-related products that need to be shipped. The flexible packaging allows companies to display their products in any manner they choose. In addition, with various forms of printing, erasable writing, and window display card design options, there is a way for a company to stand out from its competitors.

Custom Kraft Boxes are created to hold various items, from food and drinks to clothing and personal items. They’re strong and sturdy, similar to your regular mailbox, yet uniquely customized with your company’s brand name or logo on them. They also protect personal products in style and with ease. We can create these boxes in many sizes, styles, and colors that fit your vision.

Custom Kraft Boxes Printing Service

Kraft boxes are a great option for packaging products that must arrive in pristine condition. They’re also a budget-friendly choice and come in various gauges and thicknesses to find the right size for your needs. In addition, there are several options for printing on kraft paper using flexographic or gravure print presses. Most of these printers can also print labels inside the package, while others have specialized software built in which allows you to print multiple labels simply by pressing shift+printing on the keyboard.

Our custom kraft boxes make it easy for your business to stand out from the competition in a big way. With various sizes, materials, and customization options, our boxes can be designed for just about any product and delivered to your customer on time. In addition, when you utilize our custom molded kraft boxes for shipping or storage, you’re protecting your products from damage during transit and reducing packaging waste by up to 80%.

Our sturdy, heavy-duty Kraft boxes are perfect for shipping. These boxes are sturdy enough to hold up through the transport process, and they’ll keep your product safe from damage. In addition, with our Kraft boxes 30 percent more durable than cardboard packaging, you’ll be able to send larger items easily, ensuring that your customers can hold on to your brand’s memories long after their packages have arrived.

Boxcustompackaging  Kraft Paper Packaging

At Boxcustompackaging, we take great pride in offering a selection of eco-friendly packaging solutions. Our Kraft paper packaging product range is suitable for various purposes, including food, beverage, and toiletry products, general retail goods, and household items. In addition, with our wide selection of Kraft paper barcode labels and labels, you can find the perfect package solution to suit your needs.

Kraft Paper Boxes Packaging

At Boxcustompackaging, we have a wide range of products to choose from depending on the nature of the items you need to be packaged. A good product must ensure safety, hygiene, durability, and present ability in use and display. You can get plastic, a paper sleeve, and a divider inside to facilitate seamless packaging.

Kraft Gift Boxes Packaging ​

We provide specialty boxes like kraft gift boxes, gift boxes, and recycled Kraft gift boxes in various sizes. Need 3-4 sides, flap top, and lids. These are offered for sales, gifts, and food packaging. Our customers include grocery stores, retail stores, food manufacturers, and vendors who place orders from us for wholesale pricing at the most competitive rates.

Kraft Paper Bags Packaging

Kraft paper bags are made from a high-quality polymer material that is waterproof, moisture resistant, and not easily stained. It can be used to pack food and many other products. There are nine Kraft paper bags with different designs on the surface that are designed to give a professional finish and a subtle design that matches the product’s color. Most of our bags are made by machine so they will not be broken when bent or folded.

Kraft Paper Zipper Pouch Bags ​

Kraft Paper Zipper Bags are made from 100% recycled materials so that you can feel good about your use. They are wipeable and reusable. They are suitable for packaging snacks, teas, herbs, and spices. Our paper bags are versatile enough to be used on many different kinds of occasions and occasions. The sizes include single pocket bags, zipper pack bags, three pocket bags, and sheet packers bags.

Order Kraft Boxes Packaging Online

We’re BoxCustomPackaging. Let us help you with your custom packaging and printing needs. From custom kraft boxes to custom food and beauty packaging, we can help you create the ultimate marketing campaign. Our products are made in America with 100% recycled or sustainable packaging materials, so they’ll look great and be eco-friendly too! Whether you need printed boxes for your own business or want to package other companies’ products, we’re here to help make all your projects a success. Need more than one sheet of boxes? Don’t worry – our competitive prices mean that the cost of each sheet is spread out over however many you need.

Features of Kraft Paper Boxes

Custom-made Kraft paper boxes are designed for your specific needs and requests. With these boxes, you can pick the size and shape that best suits what you’re trying to ship. And because no two boxes are the same, each is truly unique! You can also design your label with colorful or subtle graphics or let us help you choose from our label templates. Either way, your package will turn heads every time it gets opened.

Kraft paper boxes are perfect for dry shipping goods, such as coffee, spices, candy, and other items that need some protection from damage. They can also hold smaller items like envelopes, coins, and cards. In addition, they are strong and sturdy—the perfect solution for businesses that need to send out multiple packages all at once. And unlike other paper-based boxes, you can reuse them after opening your package.

Kraft Box Packaging for All Industries

Are you looking to start your own packaging business but have no idea where to begin? Kraft Box Packaging can help. We can take any product, place it inside a brown kraft box, and send it out all over the country. One of our primary roles is to help customers create an image for their products that consumers will love, and that’s exactly what we do.

We work with various industries, including fast-casual restaurants, gift shops, and cosmetics. 

Here are some examples of what we can do for you:

  • Front of house: A popular fast-casual restaurant switched from styrofoam boxes for their fries to our bespoke kraft boxes. They love that the boxes are food-grade and easy to grab. 
  • Back of house: A bulk candy store works as part of their packaging strategy to keep costs low by using our kraft paper gift bags with handles for holding candles, playing cards, and jewelry. 
  • Gift shop: Several gift shops work with us. One decided to use our boxes as part of their display strategy for a new line of rings by using unique text on each box that shows what size wrapping paper fits inside them – so you can pick the right packaging solution for your brand!

Wholesale Prices and Fast Delivery

We provide fast, high-quality custom printing at wholesale prices. And because we’re so confident in our quality, there’s no minimum order policy; you can even have one box at once! With free design support, you can create the exact look you want on your custom box with just one click. We’ll take care of the rest for you and deliver it on time—without compromising quality.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Eco-friendly packaging is important if you want to protect the environment. We are proud to offer custom kraft boxes made from eco-friendly paper and will make your boxes from 100% recycled materials, and none of our materials will harm the environment in any way. We also have eco-friendly printing, which means all our printing is done with soy-based inks that are good for the planet and your customer’s health. As a result, we guarantee that you and your customers feel good about using your boxes!

Custom Box Packaging
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