How many packages are shipped daily in the United States

We have used data from the USPS information system to show how many package are delivered each day. The amount of shipped packages in the United States represents a huge volume. Even though 2012 and 2013 both experienced increases of about 10 percent compared to 2011, the total number was still pretty low at 10.7 […]

Creative Ways to Reuse Packaging custom boxes


Although recycling is a sustainable way to remove cardboard boxes, there are many ways to apply vintage packaging custom boxes! There are many matters you can make from corrugated cardboard for personal use. It’s also less steeply to reuse vintage cardboard than buying new and plenty more environmentally pleasant in case you’re able to provide […]

What Makes A Good Custom Box?


The package is the first impression. If it doesn’t sell, it won’t be bought. custom packaging boxes can be one of the most expensive and least effective marketing tools you have at your disposal. But there are ways to make them more cost-effective, so you can spend less on marketing and still get the same […]